Your t-shirt journey starts at our certified organic cotton farm in India. At this location local farmers are working hard to comply with the requirement for producing Organic cotton. Besides our GOTS certified cotton we ensure that these hard working farmers get a fair wage and work in proper circumstances. Your raw Organic cotton is ready to be sent to our production facility in Porto (North Portugal). To reduce our carbon footprint we only order once 1 year Organic cotton in large volumes.  

The production facility prepares the raw Organic cotton into fibers for your handmade t-shirt. All t-shirts are made from heavy 220gms cotton in order to ensure maximized durability. Once your t-shirt is cut in the correct design the quality department will check each t-shirt for irregularities. Because we use only 100% Organic cotton, it sometimes happens that a white t-shirt has one brown/yellow fiber woven into the t-shirt. We think it’s cool, but we also think customers still have to get used to Organic apparel before accepting any “flaws”.   

What do we do with these t-shirts when our quality department finds one?

We don’t throw them away, we sponsor them to local talent, use it as marketing to show people what 100% Organic means, or we do giveaways.

After our quality check your t-shirt is transfered to the dying department. This department only uses natural plant extracts to color your t-shirt. After the coloring your t-shirts is checked again.

Your t-shirt is almost ready for shipping, but first we need to safely pack your t-shirt. We start with 100% recycled plastic to protect your t-shirt during transport against any contamination. After that your t-shirt is getting his 100% recycled paper bag, to protect your t-shirt for weather elements during transport. If you are lucky you can re-use your paper back as a groceries bag.
Don’t be a douchebag, use a 100% recycled bag”